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Margaux, Age 6

Inspired by Summer
Images Inspired by Summer
Fluttering Flag, Crab, and Blazing Summer Sun
by Declan, Age 7

Jayci's Rocket Design
Rocket Design by Jayci, Age 8
Rocket Ship
Implementation of Jayci's design
Fractiles design by Seamus, Age 8
Fractiles design by Seamus
Age 8 (with help from Gus Gus, the cat)
Mimi's Small Star
Shooting Star by Mimi
Age 9
Beverly and Great-Grandchildren
Picnic at El Dorado Springs
Beverly Johnson and great-grandchildren Amber (Age 13), Brian (Age 7)
Fractiles creation by
"Strong Man"
by Julian, Age 5

A Fractile I created
"A Fractile I created"
by Peter, Age 8
Fractiles by Lauren

Lauren, Age 9
Southern California

Fractiles - Nearly there
Nearly There!
by Ella Grace
Age 6, California
Fractiles: Wacky Flying Bug
"Wacky Flying Bug"
Jake, Age 7, Connecticut
Princess by Malana
Malana, Age 6, Portland, Oregon
"Poinsettia" (with Fridge Fractiles)
Audrey, Age 5, Havertown, Pennsylvania
Fractiles Chicken in Sunglasses
Chicken in Sunglasses
by Eva
Fractiles Creation by Todd Wilder
Created by Todd Wilder
Boise, Idaho

Cade's Creation
Creation by Cade, Age 6

Fractiles "Pyramid Ship" by Jason Storojev
Pyramid Ship
by Jason, Age 9

Benjamin's Creation
Creation by Benjamin, Age 7

Butterfly by Graham
by Graham, age 6
Franklin, TN
Fractiles Design: MegaTroopers
Mega Troopers
by Bay, age 6 1/2 and his brother Thomas, age 8
Princeton Junction, NJ
Mia and Fractiles Design
Mia 1, by Mia, Age 8
Ari and Fractiles Design
by Ari, Age 6, Chicago, IL
Joey with Fractiles Rocket Ship
Joey, Age 9
Rocket Ship
(reverse of Tommy's Tiki Man)
Tommy with Fractiles Tiki Man
Tommy, Age 9
Tiki Man
(reverse of Joey's Rocket Ship)
Double Fun with Twins Joey and Tommy

Fractiles Design: Grizzly Bear Claw
Grizzly Bear Claw
by Tyler, age 6
C. Falls, MT

Fractiles Design: FracTile Lion
FracTile Lion
by JT, age 9  
Long Island, New York
Fractiles Design: Fire
"Fire" by Rajordan

Fractiles Design: Flower  Hole
Flower Hole
by Sarah
Age 12
South Lake Tahoe, CA
Fractiles Design: Space Invaders
Space Invaders
by Austin Kurtz, Age 21
Los Angeles, CA

Click here to view a blog from Emily's family:
"Organic Learning - the recordings and
musings of an unschooling family."

Fractiles Design: Inflated Aunt Marge
Inflated Aunt Marge from Harry Potter by Emily
Fractiles Design: Universe Protection Unit
Universe Protection Unit
by Aidan, Age 7
Brockport, NY
Fractiles Design: Dream Catcher
Dream Catcher
by Joe Murphy
Electronics Technician, age 40
Longmont, CO

Fractiles Design: Spike Wilson
Spike Wilson
by Finny Wilson, age 7
Barnham, England

Fractiles Design: Hollow Flower
Hollow Flower
by Fractiles Fan Maddie
Menlo Park, CA.
Fractiles Design: Maryland Blue Crab
Maryland Blue Crab
by Libby Olton, Age 62
Severna Park, MD

Fractiles Design: Firefly 1
Firefly No. 1
Fractiles Design: Pinwheels
Fractiles Design: Firefly 2
Firefly No. 2

Fractiles Design: Funky Chicken
Funky Chicken

Fractiles Design: Full Mandala No. 2
Full Mandala No. 2
Fractiles Design: Full Mandala No. 4
Full Mandala No. 4

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